Parkland Ventures is a Not For Profit, Serving the Community Since 1991

Who we are

Creating Hope for People with Disabilities

Parkland Ventures Thrift Store is supported by the local community through generous donations of clothing and household items. In return we provide mentorship, training and employment for people with disabilities

Our funding goes towards paying wages to people with disabilities, operational costs and community outreach.

Examples of programs we support include Tri-Region Pay Forward Kindness Society, donations to camps, and meals for our clients, Brim.

We have done outreach programs with FCSS, Rehoboth, high school program, respite etc.

We provide mentorship for our clients whether home support, teaching job/ life skills to become as independent as possible. 

We organize group outings, movie nights, camping trips, fellowship, walks, pool games etc. 

We would not be able to do everything without our amazing volunteers!

Thrift Store in store
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